Ground sheet

Looking for ground sheet? has a broad selection of ground sheets.

What is ground sheet?

Ground sheet is a type of cloth which consists of (usually) black plastic fibers. Its main advantage is that while it completely blocks (sun)light and the growth of roots and weeds, water is still able to easily permeate through. Ground sheet is stored on rolls and is available for purchase in several widths and lengths.

Common widths Ground sheet

The most commonly available widths of ground sheet are 100, 200 and 400cm. If this doesn’t fill the entire width of your working surface we’d recommend an overlap of about 10cm.

Our selection of Ground sheet

We offer premade packages of ground sheet with set lengths, usually 5, 10 and 20m. But we also offer entire rolls of ground sheet for a discounted price.

However, we specialise in offering custom sizes of ground sheet. With us you’ll be able to order the exact amount of ground sheet that you’re looking for.